Data Driven End-to-End Experimental platform

The data driven end-to-end experimental platform, located at CTTC premises, is based on a Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architecture, with a 5G core and a fully virtualized 5G RAN and an optical/wireless Fronthaul. Whitebox servers are used to implement all RAN functionalities, i.e. the 5G gNB, Remote Radio Head (RRH), and BaseBand Unit (BBU) with the OAI 5G software stack. Moreover, the data driven end-to-end experimental platform supports an optical/wireless Fronthaul based on 10 GigE optical and mmWave links, allowing the 5G RAN functions to be split between the BBU and the RRHs.

The RRH units are implemented with Small Form Factor PCs (NUC) that are connected to a USRP X310, which implements the RF functions. Alternatively, 5G gNBs are connected directly to the 5G EPC via 10 GigE optical backhaul connections. The data driven end-to-end experimental platform supports all traffic types, including eMBB and URLLC for high bandwidth / low latency applications, such as AR & VR, as well as mMTC traffic from NB-IoT and LoRA sensors and actuators.

The testbed’s Mobile Edge tier incorporates a virtualized data centre based on OpenStack, which handles part of the 5G baseband processing, and also hosts VNFs and application services. An orchestration layer based on ETSI OSM is employed for VNF onboarding and orchestration, allowing the full automation of operational processes and tasks related to the placement and lifecycle management of all services. Moreover, SDN is a key enabler to realize flexible, end-to-end optimized communication with Service Function Chaining (SFC) support. The data driven end-to-end experimental platform converges the OpenDaylight wired SDN controller and the FlexRAN wireless SDN controller to provide dynamic end-to-end slicing. The following figure provides a high-level view of the data driven end-to-end experimental platform, in which the NFV Security Orchestrator will be implemented.

Data_Driven _EndtoEnd_Experimental_platform

Data driven end-to-end experimental platform