Usage and features

SHAPER can be used to:

  • Extract and validate PA behavioral models or characterize the performance of PA designs.
  • Design, simulate, validate and experimentally benchmark Matlab DPD & CFR algorithms for multiple PA technologies and both wired and wireless standards and multi-channel|band|rate configurations.
  • Emulate HW constraints (i.e.A/D and D/A bits, data finite precision) before implementation and experimentally evaluate techniques to reduce digital linearization HW complexity & resources.
  • Validate product-oriented FPGA prototyping through Matlab HW/SW cosimulation (FPGA-in-the-loop).

SHAPER features:

  • Waveform synthesis and acquisition for different BB/BBIQ/IF/RF DUT interfacing modes reaching up to 1 GHz DPD bandwidth for RF-to-mmWave transceiver operation.
  • Key parameter multi-dimensional analysis: i.e. NMSE, ACLR, EVM, rawBER versus Output power, DPD coefficients, peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction, complexity reduction, CFR/DPD variants, or any combination of the previous.
  • Design of statistically representative experiments and waveforms (Modulated signal full PAPR statistical characterization & waveform design).
  • Supports remote operation from any PC with Matlab and internet connection thanks to a waveform upload/download FTP Matlab server/client application.
  • The modular Matlab test bench has been created to be flexible and scalable and thus ease the inclusion of new modems and digital linearization algorithms, or provide different complexity usage levels. It is also featuring full setup and results traceability and high measurement repeatability.


 SHAPER’s modular Matlab test bench