Projects and dissemination

Relevant project developments:

5G-TRIDENT (national, 2019 – 2020): SHAPER’s MIMO DPD expansion to allow for digital linearization and RF impairment correction of digital MIMO and hybrid beamforming transceiver architectures for sub-6 GHz and Ka-band 5G-NR. Inclusion of artificial neural network (ANN) based digital linearization strategies, hybrid linearization approaches and multi-dimensional DPD schemes.

ITERATE (industry, 2018): Design and implementation of a real-time digital front-end of a multi-antenna 5G remote radio head (RRH) with CFR & DPD blocks, for up to 200 MHz BW signals (with digital linearization blocks) and 400 MHz BW signals (without digital linearization)

DPD4CABLE (industry, 2017-2019): Research and experimental evaluation of CFR & DPD techniques for Cable TV PA systems operating under waveforms with high-PAPR and up to 1 GHz bandwidth (BW).

FUTURETX (industry, 2017): Study on efficient transmitter architectures such as digitally assisted Doherty, envelope tracking (ET), outphasing and all-digital for next generation systems.

AEThER (national, 2015-2018): Research, fast prototyping and T&M engineering of digital linearization techniques (CFR & DPD) for: a) 5G radio access with microcell BS at UHF band, b) 5G radio access with femtocell BS and UE at S-band (at UE side considering also envelope tracking), c) 4G radio access with macrocell BS at S-band, d) uW wireless backhaul at C-band and e) mmWave wireless backhaul at E-band.

GRE3N (national, 2014): CFR+DPD demonstrator targeting the improvement of linearity and efficiency of power amplifiers with COTS HW boards + Matlab and move towards Matlab HW/SW cosimulation and real-time polyphase HDL implementation.

DI-PRE-DATORS (industry, 2012-2013): Design and development (programming) of a Matlab SW defined instrumentation testbed to extract and validate PA behavioral models, simulate and experimentally evaluate CFR & DPD techniques, and benchmark different PA technologies (GaAs, GaN) for wideband single/multi-channel M-QAM wireless backhaul signal configurations.

Dissemination activities:

About 20 publications (Q1 journals, intl. and natl. conference papers and book chapters) have been produced over the last 5 years, together with two master thesis works. One PhD thesis is also currently ongoing in the frame of SHAPER. In addition, in 2015 the CTTC-UPC student team won the PA linearization competition at the International Microwave Symposium, and organized the 2017 edition with record participation. Some of the publications are found here.