In a nutshell

SHAPER: Solutions for wideband Highly lineAr and efficient PowER amplification

SHAPER is a Software Defined HW demonstrator that provides rapid and cost-effective prototyping and validation of radiofrequency (RF), microwave (uW), and millimeter wave (mmW) power amplifier (PA) linearization techniques, such as digital predistortion (DPD) and crest factor reduction (CFR).

The demonstrator, a part of which is fruit of a collaboration with UPC University, nowadays comprises a Matlab Testbench including the baseband TX PHY, RX PHY, DPD & CFR blocks, which is able to interface either high-end laboratory instruments or COTS boards (such as pattern generators, A/D, D/A and FPGA/DSP evaluation boards). SHAPER may also enable HW/SW co-simulation and validation of DPD and CFR building block implementations in FPGA bridging the gap between applied research and end-product prototyping and validation.




SHAPER digital linearization platform for a given test setup

The benefits brought by the digital linearization techniques will have a significant impact on the performance increase and reduction of the equipment Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the next generation radio access, wireless terrestrial and satellite backhaul, cable distribution, and optoelectronic communication systems.