SHAPER is a testbed to evaluate Digital Predistortion (DPD) and Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) solutions for microwave power amplifiers. The testbed, which is fruit of a close collaboration with UPC University, comprises a Matlab Testbench that includes the baseband TX, RX, DPD & CFR blocks and is able to interface the laboratory instruments (configure, control and send/receive waveform data).

The high-end instrumentation together with a modular and HW architecture aware design of the Matlab TX and RX blocks make the testbed really versatile and suitable to experiment with flexible multi-band and/or channel aggregation signal configurations, data rates, bandwidths, modulation depths and RF frequencies by only changing the configuration  parameters for a given PHY development and frequency plan.

These features make SHAPER an ideal candidate to evaluate DPD and CFR techniques for next generation wideband wireless applications, multi-band scenarios or highly demanding solutions such as wireless backhauling.


  •  SHAPER  test setupDI-PRE-DATOR_Testbed_HW-2


  • Features:
    • Flexible/Programmable/Modular/Scalable
    • Full results traceability and repeatibility
    • Ultra wide performance (BW, RF frequency)
      • TX (AWG): Up to 24 Gsa/s, 9 GHz analog BW
      • RX (DPO): Up to 100 Gsa/s, 20 GHz analog BW


  • Capabilities:
    • Extract and validate PA behavioural models
    • Simulate & benchmark DPD & CFR techniques
    • Targeting multiple PA technologies
    • Supporting multiple wireless standards
    • Emulate HW constraints before implementation


  •  Relevant project developments: 
    • Energy efficient solutions for microwave wideband power amplifiers (with AVIAT Networks): The objective of this project (performed in collaboration with UPC) was to improve the performance and energy efficiency of RF/microwave transmitters for next generation wireless backhaul solutions by incorporating different kinds of signal processing techniques at the transmitter baseband. The specific technical details are confidential.


  •   Next development stages towards  a real-time FPGA implementation:
    • 1st stage: Matlab testbench interfacing  COTS FPGA-A/D-D/A boards (on-going).


  • 2nd stage: Challenging RTL design for DPD bandwidth > 500 MHz (Real-time FPGA).



  • Team members:


    • David López, Researcher
      • Role: Testbench T&M programming and engineering
    • Nikolaos Bartzoudis, Senior Researcher, PHYCOM Department Head
      • Role: Real-time digital baseband prototyping
    • Miquel Payaró, Senior Researcher,  Communication Technologies Division Head
      • Role: Coordination and management


    • Pere Gilabert, Senior Researcher
      • Role: Technical leader, DPD solutions
    • Gabriel Montoro, Senior Researcher
      • Role: Testbench baseband designer, CFR solutions



Contact us at: phycom_email2