SHAPER: Solutions for wideband Highly lineAr and efficient PowER amplification

SHAPER is a Software Defined HW demonstrator that provides rapid and cost-effective prototyping and validation of radiofrequency (RF), microwave (uW), and millimeter wave (mmW) power amplifier (PA) linearization techniques, such as digital predistortion (DPD) and crest factor reduction (CFR).

The demonstrator, a part of which is fruit of a collaboration with UPC University, nowadays comprises a Matlab Testbench including the baseband TX PHY, RX PHY, DPD & CFR blocks, which is able to interface either high-end laboratory instruments or COTS boards (such as pattern generators, A/D, D/A and FPGA/DSP evaluation boards). SHAPER may also enable HW/SW co-simulation and validation of DPD and CFR building block implementations in FPGA bridging the gap between applied research and end-product prototyping and validation.

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SHAPER digital linearization platform for a given test setup