Analog devices for wireless communications & sensors for vertical applications

Responsible: Ignacio Llamas-Garro

Team members: David López

Main activities:

  • Device engineering and implementation: from design to fabrication and testing.
  • Large range of operating frequencies, from a few MHz to infrared wavelengths.
  • Experience with diverse technologies: Micro/nano fabrication, 3D printing, inkjet printing, laser machining, MEMS, superconductivity and LTCC.
  • Reconfigurable and fixed device topologies.


Focused R&D area 1:

Wireless communication components

  • Design and implementation of wireless components operating from a few hundred MHz to millimetre waves and terahertz frequencies.
  • Filters, multiplexers, antennas including feeding networks, power dividers/combiners, passive components and front-end integration.
  • Reconfigurable designs for multi-standard operation or fixed implementations.

MEMs_switchMEMS switch [A1]

micromachined_compsMicromachined components [A2]

3D_p_divider3D printed power divider [A3]

LTCC_diplexerLTCC diplexer [A4]

MEMS_r_filterMEMS reconfigurable filter [A5]

Reconf_FSSReconfigurable FSS [A6]

Related projects

  • National/regional: 3D-MUX, Trident 5G, SOSRAD, Nanowave.
  • EC: COST action IC0803.

Selected references

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Focused R&D area 2:

Frequency discriminators and interferometry for unknown frequency detection.

  • Design and implementation of frequency discriminators, interferometers and frequency identification subsystems for unknown signal detection.
  • Subsystems based on single bit per discriminator and compact reconfigurable multibit designs per discriminator.
  • Frequency measurement technology comprehensive book [B1]

4b_Recon_Discr4 bit reconfigurable discriminator [B2]

 2b_Recon_Discr2 bit reconfigurable discriminator [B3]

3b_fr_Discr3 bit fractal discriminator [B4]

4b_IFM4 Bit IFM [B5]


RF MEMS switch video:


Related projects

  • NATO: MiniFIDS (Project awarded with the NATO Science Partnership Prize in 2018, in the field of advanced technologies among successful projects finished in the last ten years).
  • National: AEThER.

Selected references

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Focused R&D area 3:

Sensors for hazardous material identification

  • Design and implementation of sensors operating from microwaves to infrared wavelengths.
  • Micro/nano structure and low-cost PCB implementations.


Microfabricated sensor head [C1]

3d_pr_gas_cells3D printed gas cells

Related projects

  • NATO: Agentsensor.
  • Spanish ministry of defense: SensorQ.
  • National: Nanowave.

 Selected references

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Focused R&D area 4

This area has been inactive the recent years, but it is intentionally presented because the expertise still exists in PHYCOM.

  • Architecture and design of RF modules and transceivers


Related projects

  • Intl. project: RAFTING (Radio frequency transceivers for next generation systems, finished)
  • National/regional: GEDOMIS-ADCOMM (finished)
  • Medea+ and FP7 (European): MIMOWA and BEFEMTO  (both finished)

Developed technologies

  • Architecture and design of a high-end broadband modular RF transceiver: 100 MHz – 9 GHz RF operation and up to 200 MHz tunable BW.
  • Architecture and design of a multi-channel multi-band (@2&5 GHz bands) receiver for WiFi and WiMAX applications.
  • Filter design and prototyping (lumped & microstrip)