Prototyping analog devices & sensors

A rich prototyping activity has been developed in the context of the research topic focusing on the design, fabrication and validation of analog components for wireless communications & sensors for vertical applications. This prototyping activity was supported by funded projects (for more information click here) and/or ad-hoc collaborations with academic institutions and companies. In the following, you may see some indicative figures of prototyped components and also a detailed flow-graph of the design methodology. Finally, the employed fabrication methods are mentioned and a table summarizes the main specifications of the instruments, utilities and facilities available for this prototyping activity.






Device implementation methodology (click to enlarge)



The implementation starts with the specifications to be achieved by the device; the projected performance is obtained through calculations and simulations, mainly performed using commercial software. Technology selection is carried out according to device specifications, e.g. size and performance goals. Fully fabricated devices are then tested in the laboratory.


Fabrication methods used

  • Micro/nano technology
  • Microelectromechanical systems
  • 3D printing
  • 2D Inkjet printing
  • Printed circuit board
  • Superconducting circuits
  • Low temperature cofired ceramics


Instruments, utilities & facilities available for this prototyping activity

Equipment type
Brand Model Additional information
Probe station SÜSS Microtec PA-200 SemiautomaticUp to 220 GHz
Bonding machine Kulikce&Soffa 4523 Gold and aluminum
Temperature and humidity chamber Angelantoni CH250C Capacity: 224 liters.Temp.: -40º – 180º Humidity: 10% – 98%
Vector network analyzer Agilent E8361A Two portsUp to 67 GHz
Vector network analyzer Rohde&Schwarz ZVA24 Four portsUp to 24 GHz
Signal generator PSG Agilent E8257D Up to 20 GHz
Signal generator PSG CW Agilent E8247C Up to 40 GHz
Spectrum analyzer Agilent E4445A Up to 13 GHz
Spectrum analyzer Agilent E4448A Up to 50 GHz
Portable spectrum analyzer Rohde&Schwarz FSH6 Up to 6 GHz
Oscilloscope Agilent Infiniium DSO 81004 Up to 10 GHz
Pulse generator Picosecond 10,050 A Response time: 45 ps Amplitude: 10 VPulses 100 ps – 10 ns
Power supply Agilent N6700B 4 slots400 W
Dual power supplies Agilent E3648A 100 W
Dual power supplies Agilent E3646A 60 W
Anechoic chamber ETL-LINDGREN S501 0.7-18 GHz
Horn reference antennas ETS-LINDGREN 3160-0x 0.96-18 GHz
Dual polarization wideband horn antenna ETS-LINDGREN 3164-04 0.7-6 GHz
Dual polarization wideband horn antenna ETS-LINDGREN 3164-05 2-18 GHz
Prototyping machine LPKF C100HF CNC type machine
Prototyping machine LPKF ProtoMat S100 Laser based machine
Inkjet 2D printer FujiFilm Dimatix Material printer
SLA 3D printer Monoprinter Monoprinter2 3D resin printer
Spectrometer NanoSPR NanoSPR7 650 nm wavelength