Wireless Communications Lab, Broadband Radio Technologies (BRTECH) section

The BRTECH LAB is equipped with several HW instruments, COTS boards and SW tools for mixed-domain and multiple-purpose testing, troubleshooting and validation:

  • Standard compliant signal creation SW for numerous wireless applications: Validation & Fine tuning of CTTC designs at baseband, IF, RF and microwave frequencies.
  • Digital baseband HW&SW tools to enable digital baseband generation, capture, impair, playback and emulate real world signal conditions.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Vector Signal Generators and RF up converters (up to 6 GHz) capable of interfacing with signal creation software, simulators, and FPGA-based development platforms.
  • Compact ultra-low phase noise CW sources up to 1 GHz.
  • Broadband RF Noise Generators (AWGN, from 5 to 2150 MHz) for BER vs SNR testing.
  • Spectrum/Signal analyzers (up to 90 GHz) & multi-channel oscilloscope (up to 8 GHz, 40 Gsps) capable of interfacing with signal evaluation and simulation tools.
  • Signal evaluation and PHY troubleshooting software tools. Standard compliant signal demodulation packages dedicated to numerous wireless applications.
  • MIMO validation test bench through joint use of multiple vector signal generators (up to 4), RF MIMO radio channel emulator (up to 4×2 or 2×4 cfgs., 0.3-6 GHz operation, 65 MHz BW), and a 4CH digital oscilloscope (8 GHz analog BW, up to 40 GSa/s).
  • RF shielded test enclosures for sub-6 GHz inteference-free device/component validation.

For more detailed information please check the Lab equipment specification section of the page.



FBMC – TETRAPOL spectrum coexistence demonstrator

The lab is also equipped with several RF, mixed-signal and baseband hardware boards that are part of the GEDOMIS® testbed and other PHY transceiver prototyping platforms for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave (mm-wave) radio systems such as the SHAPER digital linearization platform, being both designed, upgraded and maintained by the PHYCOM department at CTTC. Some of these assets follow:

  • Ultra-high-performance 4-CH 20 to 3000 MHz reconfigurable RF downconverter (up to 80 MHz BW, phase coherent operation).
  • SDR and GNU Radio rapid prototyping platforms including 0.5-2.2 GHz zero-IF radio transceiver (up to 40 MHz BW) and FPGAs.
  • Multiple COTS evaluation modules from main vendors targeting FPGA (i.e. up to Virtex-7, Zynq-7000 and Zynq-Ultrascale+), data capture and pattern generation, D/A+IQ modulation (up to 1 GHz BW), RF direct synthesis GSPS D/A and RF sampling GSPS A/D boards, and power amplifiers and filters for sub-6 GHz applications.
  • Multiple mmWave transceivers operating at E-band low and high frequency bands and components (directional couplers, attenuators, waveguide to coax. adapters, etc.).



4G and 5G wireless systems prototyping and validation racks (GEDOMIS® and SHAPER)

Indicative target applications are: 5G communications, advanced base stations, femtocells, smart antennas, multi-channel IF systems, beam formers, MIMO space-time coding, Software-defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio, wireless applications (modems, OFDM antenna diversity, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 5G/LTE and FBMC transceivers, wireless backhaul equipment), power amplifier wideband digital linearizers (CFR+DPD) and real-time high-speed Test & Measurement systems.