PHYCOM focuses on digital and analog technologies for adaptive/intelligent communication (sub)systems and components. Click on the following topics* to get an insight of our past and ongoing research activities:




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Featured proof-of-concepts

RAN functional splits (FS)

  • End-to-end PoC showcasing 3GPPP FS6 and FS8: SDR HW hosts a proprietary FPGA-based LTE PHY-layer (eNB & UE), interfaced with the MAC layer of LENA (LTE extensions of ns-3).
  • Joint development with CTTC’s MONET department (project H2020 Flex5Gware). The PoC is also summarized in this section of GEDOMIS® testbed.
  • Integrated in a larger PoC featuring other external partners (CLEEN workshop 2017).


Optimal waveform co-existence

  • In-band spectral cohabitation of a broadband LTE-like FBMC waveform (FPGA-based implementation) with narrowband TETRA/TETRAPOL transmissions.
  • Developed in collaboration with Airbus DS and SINTEF during the FP7 Empahtic project.

  •  Joint demonstration with Airbus DS and CEA Leti at CrownCom 2016:


Interference mitigation in Heterogeneous Networks

  • Opportunistic femto communication in a macro/femto cell spectral coexistence scenario (threshold-based  interference detection). Real-time baseband processing of macro & femto BSs & UEs.
  • Entirely developed by PHYCOM members (project FP7 BeFEMTO).
  • The video below was showcased in EuCNC 2014. It is recommended to go through these slides before watching the video.



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