VISIble litght cOmmunication for iNdoor poSitioning (VISIONS)

The VISIONS project has as main motivation to prove the viability of a VLC system in a real lighting environment. To achieve this, a VLC demonstrator will be developed that can demonstrate advantages of having a VLC system integrated in the lighting system of an office room. The proposed demonstrator is aiming to attract future interest and funding from the industrial sector but, in the same time, is also considering and it will facilitate futures development oriented towards research.

The VISIONS demonstrator is intended for both research and commercial proof of concept. From research point of view, VISIONS demonstrator will facilitate the investigation of the performance of different wireless communication algorithm applied to smart LED lighting. From the commercial point of view will allow the evaluation of the viability and the cost of implementing wireless communication capabilities to commercial LED lighting infrastructure.


The VISIONS demonstrator has to provide lighting functionality for illumination of an office room and wireless communication functionality for low data rate transmission. For illumination purpose, a LED lighting infrastructure will be deployed in one of the CTTC’s office rooms. The lighting infrastructure has to be design in order to provide a proper level of light according to the specification of European standard for Lighting of Indoor Work places BS EN 12464-1:2011. As a first approximation, considering the LED devices available on the market and the average size of an office room, a lighting infrastructure composed of at least 16 lighting devices will be deployed. The lighting devices will be modified to support wireless data communication. Each device has to be able to send a different stream of data. For positioning application, the stream of data will encode the absolute position of the lighting device. A mobile VLC receiver with a proper positioning algorithm will be able to compute and display its relative position in the office.