We are experts in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. We conduct research activities related to the lower-layers of the networking domain of M2M networks; these include the Networking, Medium Access Control (MAC), and Physical (PHY) layers.

In other words, we are focused on mastering the communication technologies that enable billions of devices all over the world to exchange information with each other and facilitate applications such as smart grids and smart cities, among many others.

The team of the department is very well-balanced and lets us work on three domains:

  1. Theory related to M2M communications; standards, patents, architectures, protocols and algorithms.
  2. Simulation: we are capable of running link-level and system-level simulations to test different solutions for the communication between devices before deploying a final solution.
  3. Demonstration: we go beyond the theoretical knowledge and we conduct research in real platforms, demonstrating that ideas work in the real world.

We conduct R&D with industrial partners through bilateral contracts, and we are very active in Research Projects funded by the European Commission (FP7, H2020, Marie Curie Actions, etc.) and by the Catalan and Spanish Governments as well.

In addition, we offer consultancy services and we develop Technical Due Diligences for start-ups and spin-offs aiming at making business out of the unique opportunity offered by M2M applications.