OpenMAC aims at developing a novel design environment based on a hardware platform to carry out proofs-of-concept that make possible to test MAC protocols experimentally and to assess their actual efficiency and feasibility. The OpenMAC platform shall introduce competitive advantages with respect to other solutions for MAC protocols prototyping.

OpenMAC will constitute an invaluable tool for industry to fast prototype and to speed-up the industrial development of commercial solutions involving novel MAC protocols. The adoption of the OpenMAC architecture concept in commercial products shall reduce development costs by reducing complexity in MAC protocols design, by enabling code re-usability and by improving code maintainability.



What we offer

  • A hardware platform for MAC protocol real-time prototyping based on FPGA and embedded processors. The hardware platform aims to provide full flexibility and re-configurability on mixed hardware-software implementations.
  • The OpenMAC experimental platform shall provide full flexibility and re-configurability on physical and upper layers of the protocol stack.
  • An innovative concept of MAC protocols hardware/software partitioning (called OpenMAC architecture) which enables the design of protocols using a high-level language and to fulfil the most demanding MAC protocols time-constraints. The OpenMAC architecture hardware IP cores may be licensed and used as building blocks within ASIC chip or FPGA logic developments.
  • The ns-3 protocol simulator is integrated in the modelling phase of the OpenMAC design environment. In order to shorten time from MAC protocol simulation to implementation, the OpenMAC architecture shall be modelled in ns-3 to allow re-using the protocol simulation models directly into the OpenMAC hardware platform.