Capillary networks

Capillary networks are Local Area Networks that can act as extension of the wide-area links (cellular or satellite) to provide connectivity to a great number of devices. Short-range networks enable off-loading the main cellular data pipes and enable splitting the total number of M2M devices into smaller numbers, thus making their management easier. In addition the use of short-range links, compared to long-range links enables the reduction of the transmission power, thus improving energy efficiency and reducing interference.

The figure of an M2M Gateway can enable the connection to the internet through either cellular or satellite networks, as well as cable-based solutions such as DSL, optical fiber, Power Line Communications (PLC), Ethernet, or other means of connectivity.

Different technologies are envisioned for such kind of local connectivity, and at the M2M Department of CTTC we explore the following solutions:

  •  Zigbee-like solutions (2,4GHz).
  •  Low-Power Wifi.
  • Sub-Ghz technologies.
  •  Visible Light Communications.