1. IoT Introduction
2. IoTWORLD® Introduction
3. Architecture
4. Capabilities
5. Use Cases
6. 5G Testbed
7. Awards
8. Team Members

1. The Internet of Things: A NEW REVOLUTION!

A new revolution is here. Every day, more and more objects are connected to the Internet, creating a hyper-connected world where humans, things, and machines live together. This is known as the Internet of Things. The realization of this vision has enabled applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, eHealth, Smart Driving, Smart Grids, and many others. These innovations are changing our daily lives.

To realize the Internet of Things, though, many challenges have to be faced. A key one consists in designing new wireless communication technologies that enable the remote communication among autonomous low-cost devices in an efficient manner. Moreover, it is of paramount importance to design cutting edge algorithms that analyze the data gathered by the sensing devices to extract valuable information for the applications at hand.


2. IoTWORLD® Introduction

IoTWORLD® is an End-to-End testbed for the Internet of Things. The main focus is on Wireless Communications systems and data analytics. The testbed has been deployed in two different neighbor buildings: in a laboratory, in an isolated room, and in a real office environment.

IoTWORLD® is a unique testbed for the Internet of Things. It features:

  • Heterogeneity of wireless technologies
  • Scalable design
  • Integration with 5G technologies
  • End-user involvement

Different sensors and actuators are connected to a set of gateways, either with a direct connection or via multiple hops. These gateways are then connected to the Internet, providing the capability to retrieve and store data in the cloud, among other functionalities, such as data fusion, compression and analytics.

An innovative software middleware has been developed for these gateways. This software makes the integration of new wireless technologies very simple, thus overcoming the heterogeneity barrier.

The data gathered by the sensors is stored in the cloud. From there, it is possible to have access to them from a web interface or from a smartphone application. Actuators connected to the IoTWORLD® testbed can also have access to these data.

IoTWORLD® permits to obtain valuable information from the data measurements by means of data analytics on the edge. For this purpose, software defined networking is a key enabler to realize a flexible communication between the different computing entities.

IoTWORLD® Promotional video (November 2016):

3. IoTWORLD® Architecture


For more information click here: IoTWORLD® in more detail

4. IoTWORLD® capabilities

  • Applied research:

The IoTWORLD® testbed facilitates experimental research in the area of wireless communications and data analytics.

For example, IoTWORLD® has been used to demonstrate the potential of the Distributed Queuing technology, referred to as DQ (click here for more info). DQ is wireless technology capable of dealing with ideally an infinite number of devices connected to the same network, thus being very suitable for the Internet of Things.


  • Heterogeneous implementations:

IoTWORLD® allows several technologies to coexist and cooperate to achieve a common goal. For instance, it is possible to connect two completely different networks connected to the same gateway. For example, one network can collect temperature measurements transmitting at the 2,4GHz Band. Simultaneously, the other network, using a different technology and hardware platform from a different vendor, can detect presence using an ultrasonic sensor and transmit data in the subGHz band.


  • Commercial solutions integration:

Thanks to its flexibility, IoTWORLD® also allows the easy integration of off-the-shelf technologies. Just as an example, indoor location using Low Power Bluetooth beacons are also part of the features available in IoTWORLD®.

5. IoTWORLD® use cases

IoTWORLD® enables to conduct research and development activities tightly coupled with real-life use cases.

  • Air quality: CO2 monitoring

IoTWORLD® allows monitoring the air quality in building in order to better manage the energy consumption. To this end, a rich variety of digital sensors: CO2, temperature or humidity make measurements. The data are sent through a multihop Wireless Sensor Network using state-of-the-art routing protocols. In this case, the RPL protocol ensures end-to-end communication even though a node stops working; in such a case, the technology implemented in IoTWORLD® is able to find a new route to get to the gateway. Sensor measurements are stored in the cloud to allow a remote user to visualize the air quality information in its device.

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  • Smart Grids: user comfort

IoTWORLD® can be also applied to Smart Grid environments. The energy consumption in buildings can be minimized by taking into account the variable energy price concept of smart grids and the comfort constraints requested by the end-users. In practice a set of loads are turned on or off depending on the decisions taken by the algorithm implemented in the gateways of the IoTWORLD® testbed.

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6. IoTWORLD® as part of a bigger testbed

IoTWORLD® is more than just an IoT testbed. It constitutes a fundamental part of the unique End-to-End 5G experimental platform available at CTTC. IoTWORLD® can be connected to other demonstrators devoted to the physical layer, optical networks, and wireless backhauling. Together, end-to-end research can be conducted towards a holistic definition and exploration of 5G technologies.

7. Awards

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8. Team Members

IoTWORLD® is aimed at fostering the collaboration of CTTC with academic and research partners, as well as with companies…and you. Let’s bring together your idea to the real world!

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